Say Hello to the World of Dragon Fruit!


Established in 2013, Dream Dragon Fruit Farm is the first and so far the only commercial dragon fruit farm in Nagaland owned by Lucy Ngullie. We have been providing the world with refreshing and nourishing dragon fruit varieties freshly handpicked from the hilly state of Nagaland in India. Our farm offers nature’s best dragon fruits that don’t just have an invigorating taste but are also loaded with numerous health benefits. To make every scoop of dragon fruit, delicious and nutritious for you, we resort to organic farming because we believe that taste or health neither should be compromised. Be it the morning breakfast or a healthy bite after dinner, Dream Dragon Fruit Farm makes sure that your day is both delectable and healthy.

How it all began

Sometimes in life when you put your dreams into action, it turns out to be the biggest blessing. Borne out of the need to do something different, Lucy Ngullie discovered the wonders of dragon fruit, a plant native to Mexico and parts of South America.

Aware of her interest in dragon fruit, a German friend owning a dragon fruit farm in Thailand encouraged her to adopt its farming. An extensive research was done on the fruit because the fruit cultivation was expensive and the plant a bit odd looking. Hence, they decided to experiment with it by growing the plant in a small patch in Dimapur in 2013 which first bore fruit in 2014. (Since it is a tropical fruit, it takes about a year to fruit; the lifespan of the fruit is 30 to 40 years).

In 2015 she decided to develop a hectare area in Shitovi Dimapur, and as they say the rest is history. The farm grew literally by leaps and bounds, and now covers an area of about 5 hectares. With a passion for the dragon fruit farming, Lucy Ngullie took the leap and decided that as long as they deliver their mission, the commission will follow.

As Lucy Ngullie quotes, "It is my advocacy to encourage more and more farmers to plant the dragon fruit and take up its natural cultivation for their vocation as well as for their medical advantages so that together we can serve the community in a better way."