At “Dream Dragon Fruit Farm”, we understand the importance of fresh and unembellished fruit. We believe in maintaining a personal relationship with our customers and therefore encourage our local customers to visit the farm and pick fruits on their own.

A lot of the process is set to deliver a Dragon Fruit, from our farm to your homes. Follow our Dragon Fruit’s Journey as it goes from plantation to being delivered at your doorstep!


Tropical climate being the best for dragon fruits, our farm’s location gives us an extra edge over other farms. Though these fruits do not require much water, certain measures are taken to protect it from excessive sunlight which can harm it.

The best measures for planting the dragon fruits are taken so that the best harvest is gained.


At the time of blooming, these beautiful white petaled-dragon fruit flowers are a spectacular sight! Unlike other fruit flowers, Dragon Fruit flower blooms in the middle of the night, thus the name "night-blooming" fruit.

The Dragon Fruit plant starts flowering in the month of May to June.


Once the flower has blossomed, the dragon fruit becomes ready for harvesting within a month. Generally the plant bears fruits between the months of August to December.

The harvesting process is simple and picking the fruit depends on the color of the fruit. As the fruit changes its color from bright green to reddish-pink, they are plucked and are made ready for consumption.

Separate measures are taken when fruits are to be exported.


At the Dream Dragon Fruit Farm, the fruits are hand-picked for quality reason. The packaging of these fruits is done in a special sponge cover to protect the fruits from squashing. So that you enjoy the flavor of this fruit for longer, the packaging is done in such a way that it lasts for a month.


Dream Dragon Fruit Farm makes it sure that only the sweetest and healthiest dragon fruits adorn your fruit basket. For that, dragon fruits in their specialized packing containers are shipped to your desired location.

We at Dream Dragon Fruit Farm also deliver saplings of these fruits for garden enthusiasts, who wish to grow the fruits in their backyard!