White, Pink, or Orange; as much as the Dragon fruit varieties are unique in its color, they have their own exotic flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits. Here’s a peek into the different varieties of nature’s finest dragon fruit.

Studded with tiny black edible seeds, these are the most common variety of dragon fruit found. White on the insides with a pink skin over it, the white-fleshed dragon fruit is truly exotic and refreshing.

These beauties are perfect for salads and are very nutritious. The pink fleshed dragon fruit has a pink skin and with an ideal location for cultivation, our farm yields some of the sweetest and scrumptious pink fleshed dragon fruit in the neighborhood.

Red skin with a red flesh - these are the ones that are not easily available. Filled with nutrition, this fruit loaded with health benefits is grown organically and has gained quite some popularity among the consumers.

The delicate yellow beauty, are yellow skinned with white flesh. This rare quality of Yellow-fleshed Pithaya (Yellow-fleshed dragon fruit) was introduced recently in the Indian subcontinent by our farm and is slowly gaining popularity.

The orange-skin dragon fruit is the rarest variety produced by only a few farmers around the globe. We are immensely proud in saying that ours is the only dragon fruit farm in India, producing this rare variety. Truly organic, this is the sweetest and the healthiest of all the varieties of dragon fruit.

Another rare variety of Dragon Fruits, the Opuntia dragon fruit do not compromise on nutrition and taste

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